Music for Everyone

Dear parents and students,

A new year with fun and a lot of music begins! Let us all discover together the charm of the world of sounds! The new departments of the New Alimos Conservatory promote learning both individually and in groups.

It is magical to discover from a young age that "learning music" means I realize many aspects of this great art and science, mobilizing my mind, soul, body, my whole existence even for a few minutes. Our brain develops completely differently, as the creativity and discipline required to learn a musical instrument and theoretical knowledge of music are important tools for the ability to think and imagine without the direction of the image.

Imagine how important it is to be able to create or enjoy something that expresses you any time you want, just by closing your eyes and listening to your conscious or unconscious thoughts in musical sounds and rhythms! This is an education that we may have no other way to experience but in an ideal conservatory environment and in fact with a variety of stimuli. Of course, at whatever age we are, the same experience is just as enchanting and there is no age limit for music, so do not hesitate! Above all, you will have fun, combining it with learning!

To understand all this, one may need more or less years of study at the conservatory, but let us not overlook another parameter: Even if most do not start studying in order to become professional musicians, this long-term effort is a guaranteed study that if completed based on the material required by the Ministry of Culture. provides full professional rights with degrees and diplomas in the public and private sector.

Think of it as an important resource for your future or your child's future to have an alternative route to the stress of being admitted to universities and colleges. On the other hand, a good conservatory can also ensure admission to music universities and top academies in Greece and abroad, for those who choose it.

For all the above reasons, we consider it worthwhile to try, whether you are doing your hobby or your study, the musical instrument of your choice (usually in an individual lesson, but it is also possible in a group), combining it with one or some group lessons.

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